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Dui Police Test Kits

Guest Author: Robert

Alcohol is actually a drug that has dangerous effects on the human body's central nervous system which effects the way we react when driving.   

When we drive after having a drink the alcohol in our body's effect our brain and can lead to amazingly dangerous side effects, sometimes drivers have passed out at the wheel and even stepping into a car in an intoxicated state is such a risk to other citizens on the road.   

Drink driving is also commonly refereed to as driving under the influence or DUI or driving while intoxicated / driving while impaired (DWI) it is a criminal offense in nearly all the major countries in the world due to the fact many deaths are caused by drinking and driving.   

The level of alcohol in our blood (BAC) is what determines the legal limit which varies depending on your own country's or states laws.    In addition, we have also put some USA specific information for each state, showing the legal drunk driving limit, information on open alcoholic drink container laws for both drivers and passengers, information relating the possible suspension of your driving license and seizure of your vehicle.   

You can actually get kits for your saliva, urine or breath which can be used when you drink all night before you get into your car and risk yours and other peoples lives.   

They are usually digital breath test kits which are perfectly suitable for use anywhere, home and personal use and are also used by parents to test if there children have been drinking before they're 21 if they can smell alcohol on them or if they are acting strange and resemble an intoxicated state.   

By using an alcohol personal test kit which will measure the alcohol in your body and tell you if you are legally allowed to drive is a very good way of keeping safe after you have had a drink and want to drive home or drive somewhere else.   

These type of kits are exactly the same as the ones the police of highway patrol and traffic offices will test you with, so its always best to check yourself personally with a kit and not wait until the police pull you over and test you as you defiantly do not want to go to jail.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/law-articles/dui-police-test-kits-715976.html

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