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Social Security Number Verification

Guest Author: C. Dyson

Security Number verification report allows you to protect yourself against fraud and identity theft. Validate the legality of a number itself, in addition to confirming it against a given name. The report contains current and previous addresses, other names that have been used in association with the SSN, and any fraudulent use of the SSN fast, effective, affordable! The SSN verification delivers comprehensive information, and a little peace of mind.  

There are many reasons why you might want to verify someone’s Social Security Number or perform a search using a Social Security Number search (also known as SSN Search). Employment verification is one common reason why you may need to do this. Employers need to make sure their employees are who they say they are, and that their Social Security Numbers are correct for payroll and tax reporting purposes.  

Social Security Numbers can also be used to perform credit and criminal background checks which are very valuable for both employers and landlords. Another reason you might want to run a check on a Social Security Number is if you are hiring a child care worker. After all, you want to make absolutely sure the person you hire to care for your child is trustworthy and does not have a criminal background.  

You might also need a person's Social Security number to run a criminal or  background check  on them. The easiest way to get someone's Social Security number for these purposes is simply to ask them for it. This is not always possible, however. If you are unable to find out a person's Social Security number on your own. One way to get someone's SSN is to search public records. It's common for these numbers to appear on court records and other records which are free for the public to view.  

A transfer of an individual’s social security number for the sole purpose of identifying a person about whom a report or database check is ordered, received, or provided is not a sale, lease, loan, trade, or rental of a social security number.  

What's more, local governments have in recent years rushed to put public records online. A wealth of documents -- including marriage and divorce records, property deeds, and military discharge papers -- containing Social Security numbers, dates of birth and other sensitive information is accessible from any computer anywhere. Many of the online records are images of original documents, which also display people's signatures.  

Public records laws were designed to shed the light on government activities, not our personal information," said Kerry Smith, an attorney with Public Interest Research Groups, a coalition of state consumer advocacy organizations. States are "clearly not striking the right balance when they release our Social Security numbers -- the key to our financial identity -- to commercial data brokers and anyone with access to the Internet.  

The Social Security Number plays an unparalleled role in identification, authentication, and tracking of Americans. Because the identifier is used for many purposes, it is valuable to those who wish to acquire credit, commit crimes, or masquerade as another person.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/law-articles/social-security-number-verification-956905.html

About the Author:
C. Dyson is one of the writers team of several legal resources on the Internet, that help simple people protect themselves, mostly through checking different  public records  that are available on the Internet and offline. Internet is not so anonymous network as most people think, and there is a lot of database online, which many people are unaware of. There is plenty of information about anyone in many online databases.

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